What you need to have to play poker

Everyone understands that to play online poker you need to have a computer with Internet access. If you take the first steps in the game, then there will be no special system requirements. Preferably something no lower than Pentium, a little free memory, 10 MB of free disk space, a modem. From operating systems, the advantage of Windows is that almost all downloaded versions work only with this system, but some rooms offer non-downloadable versions (flash, java), so you can play with any OS. However, if you plan to play (semi-) professionally, then it is highly desirable to have a decent system. The processor from 2 GHz, memory of at least 512 MB (even 1 GB is better), 1-2 GB of free disk space – you will have to run several tables plus a couple of service programs, each of which consumes a lot of resources. The latest most “fashionable” room PKR requires a good 3D accelerator. The monitor is recommended with a resolution of 1600×1200, this is due to the fact that pros usually play several tables at the same time, and with a normal table size of 800×600, 1600×1200 fits exactly 4 tables without overlap, which is very convenient for playing. It is better to replace the modem with a dedicated line. In principle, the modem’s speed is enough (usually the room “eats” 2-5 MB of traffic per hour), but the quality of the connection becomes critical, again, the leased line becomes much cheaper and just more convenient.
To play for real money, you will have to think about ways to deposit money. Beginners usually use WebMoney (WMZ) or a credit card. You need VISA Classic or Gold, it can be in any currency, but preferably in dollars, since most of the rooms work with this currency, otherwise there will be a small additional conversion cost. You will accept a card of any bank, but in general there are such nuances as quality of service, blocking of funds, availability of Internet banking, so if you are going to open the card specifically for the game, it’s good to clarify on the forum about the chosen bank. More experienced players prefer foreign payment systems, such as MoneyBookers or Click2Pay. Withdrawals are sometimes also made by check or bank transfer.

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