Common mistakes, which are burning a win rate

Playing in a too wide spectrum
Raising too many hands is the most common mistake that beginner players usually make, however, many more experienced poker players make the same mistake, believing that they can win their opponents with a weak range.
In fact, the playing of wide spectra will lead to frequent loss, since in the realities of low limits you simply cannot often win the pot without opening your cards
Discipline is the skill that needs to be developed first and foremost if you want to succeed in poker. Using a more selective approach to starting hands will seriously ease post-flop decision making.
Playing in a too narrow spectrum
In spite of the way that the right way to deal with hand choice is a decent method to play against adversaries, there are sure disservices to this system:
Drawing too tight range enables your adversaries to effortlessly decide the quality of your hands.
Playing in a too tight range, you will miss a ton of spots. A few players will disclose to you that they just need to stay away from troublesome choices, however, truth be told, they maintain a strategic distance from cash.
Mistaken utilization of HUD
HUD is the most intense apparatus for a poker player. Be that as it may, numerous players don’t utilize it, along these lines making numerous issues for themselves. The most well-known oversight when utilizing HUD is that players settle on choices dependent on data got from a non-delegate test of hands.
The second mistake associated with using HUD is that players when making their decisions, pay too much attention to the stats of their rivals.
For example, imagine that you are in a two-player position, a 3-bet fold of which is 85%. Having noticed this, you can decide that from a mathematical point of view, you can 3-bet their open-raise on any two cards. However, in practice, this strategy will be erroneous.
At first, aggressive 3-betting will be successful. However, after a few re-raises, some players will be able to tune in and start exploiting you already.
Remember that HUD is only one of the components of the decision-making process and not the ultimate truth.